Development Strategy

Our mission statement is to provide the best support and resources for Chinese international students in the U.S.. We are the sponsor of the Chinese Students Association because our main objective is to support Chinese students with professional and educational consulting when studying in the United States.

Our team consists of members who graduated from the universities in the United States. Therefore we possess the most realistic experiences for assisting international students studying abroad in the U.S. Furthermore, AGCEG processes all educational applications right here in the United States. Taking advantages of time and location, Wenmei Edu is more proficient and powerful than any other educational consulting services in China. Accompanying precise international communication skills, Wenmei Edu is highly expertise in transmitting Chinese cultures in English. Hence, Wenmei Edu can help students strengthen their academic writing skills and assist them to achieve success through the application process.

Based on the huge network from Chinese Students Associations, AGCEG holds the most up-to-date information and educative news regarding to school admissions in the U.S. In other words, Wenmei Edu is a 24/7 comprehensive information kiosk for Chinese students who choose to study abroad in the USA.


In addition, Wenmei Edu maintains an open operation process of assisting clients applying to schools. By doing so, clients are welcome to contribute their opinions and suggestions into the procedure, which is a cooperative process unprecedented in the industry. Moreover, Wenmei Edu aims to minimize the cost of applying schools, as well as to enhance students' ability to develop a self-reliance mentality.

Our alumni referral service is one of a kind. We truly understand the power of social networking in all schools. Not only for student admission, but also corporation recruitments rely heavily on some sort of personal recommendation and referral. Once approved for the service, we will help students locate the most suitable alumni of their preferred institution, who is either current or graduated alum from that institution. Through the alumni service, students will receive the most precise and direct information about the institution’s admission process and experiences such as counseling interview, courses selection, instructors recommendations, social network, and so on.

AGCEG will always be there for your next success!


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